Goat Worship lyrics

Freezing silence from the forest, the stench of crime
Seizure of the moment and human sacrifice
Goat figured he came forth, of myths nostalgic
Satanically supreme, the great pan
The time of dusk, darkness now is rising
And the outcasts of the day
Lucifer's, the poet now awake
Ironically and with a pale, tormented, blood red glance
They outstare a yellow moon rising
And the specters of the night live again
The gladiators, the hanged and the conspirators
And he, standing in the center of the temple
In the middle of the enormous bloodstain
On the pedestal of the altar
Goat figured, Satanically supreme
He glorifies the time of the sacrifice
Of noble instincts and violence
He, the eternal governor
The Great Pan


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