Apocalypse Of The Ancient One lyrics

Throughout the battles with the counters
And caring the battle scars on my flesh
I conjured the gods and the daemons
And i blasphemed them one thousand times
For their ungratefulness in my libations

Some of them smiled (ironically) and declared
"You are not reaching for the patron saints"
And that i want you!
Mischievous God, ancient above all!

Apocalypse of the ancient one!

Come forth into my circle
Because i desire it so
Because i want it, so be done!
Even hurt, fearless i stand
I choose side at the eagle's right
It rouses me, makes me ephebe again
I linger on the thought of the forbidden
I hocus in the thought of tasting
Your flesh and blood

Apocalypse of the ancient one!

Fallen angel i feel
Resurrecting the myth
I have killed, i have been hurt
My voice streams from him who was not

The sight of the goat, bewitches me
The cult of the dagger, evokes you
You have been always dwelling in my dreams
And now you shamelessly reveal thyself before me
Satanically supreme, the great Pan


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