Chaos Disruption lyrics

In a time where loyalty failed
In a time where all paths are hidden
Oh... what beautiful words I hear
"Friendly" murderers of the spirit appear
Wannabe shepherds are out for sheep

Yet, I am the wolf of salvation!
I am the one that's disrupting the chaos
I am the murderer of both the shepherd and sheep

The instinct of survival awakes inside me
Mental superiority can't get controlled
Through all the history of manFriends have betrayed - Women have corrupted
The journey will be long... and the war destructive
I look at the stars... I must get started!

Focused inside my chaos I saw worlds collapsing
I seek my companions but the runes told nothing
Will I stand triumphant?
Will I fall defeated with my wounds bleeding?
Wotan smiled with the sudden panic

And then Isaw that my mental death is the worst fate
And then I smiled and walked the path...
I'd better die with sword and pride.


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