The Path lyrics

The host town was just selected
by the council yesterday.
The party's gonna be started,
we only think about that day.

Grab some wine and a horn for ale,
we'll need them for our epic tale.
For those who lit the great fires
to satisfy our gods' desires.

Take the horse and saddle it,
after that get something to eat.
Don't forget to buy some mead,
'cause our elders sure will need.
We only wanna go to get drunk at your town
during a hard path across dust and vegetation.
We wanna go to get drunk at your town
that is the best way to make our celebration.

We're approaching the host town
just passing that hill down.
Here there is a huge crowd,
these feast will sound so loud.

Once we meet here all our brothers
we'll search for all the others.
We'll rejoice all together,
this feast is bigger than ever!


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