Somehow lyrics

I know tales of hearts made of stone and the life goes on
But it's hard to go through, first you lose then you learn
To say goodbye to someone you love and you know it will be your last
It's like touching the ice before it freezes!

Somehow I knew, this love would not last
If we would hang on to memories in the past
Somewhere you saw, but I was already gone
As the starlight in the dawn!

I tried to see your point of view, but hey what can I do?
If these are the rules you give, those are the rules I play by
There will be no more days like this, you're on, your own
No more crying for nothing or smiling for joy, they all are gone.

Somehow I knew, this love would not last
Even though, you were a diamond for me.
Some sort of luck, the ship has already sailed
That ship will, never sail again...


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