Tomorrow's Daylight lyrics

Could we see tomorrow's daylight!

All my life I've been told about, the story of guardian angels
And how they supposed to live, in here and protect from danger
Now the feeling inside, is telling me to find the answers
Are we, safe in here, or are we just waiting for woe?

Could we see tomorrow's daylight
Before the morning ends, this night
Could we just know that all before...
-I wanna know... all before!

The foreseen events to come
Is something we always have dreamed of
Oh, I got to be close, close enough to end my revery
I wanna face, tomorrow's daylight before, but I just can't turn back timeI know there's something else for me.

Took my time for myself
I never got what I wanted
Losing my sense of reality
Driving me towards insanity
I never saw tomorrow's daylight
And I never, I tried to live all night
I never saw light in my life, again.

Looked at tomorrow's daylight
And realized I couldn't get it back
I lost my train of thoughts last time.

Tomorrow's daylight, I lost my train of thoughts last time...


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