Ivanhoe - Fallen Reasons

State of mind
Step inside when I hear the children cry
When it's dark I'm alone on my own
Can't you see, I'm running wild
It's not me man like a shark
All I need are more than solutions

And when I closed my eyes
All I see is a word behind
And what is the reason for
All this pain behind closed doors

Can you believe the lies
In this times, a world of crimes
Find what you ready want
Spread your wings fly to a word beyond
Fallen Reasons
Take a look inside,
Find your memories
Fallen Reasons
When you close your eyes
Find the state of mind

All what we're taking
Is why we're not wrong
All what we're taking
Is for the Earth

It's so cold for you in the shadows
When you opened wide your eyes
Don't believe the face in the shadow,
Don't believe them anymore
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