Irrigate Poisoning lyrics

I'm knocking at your door
will I find what I'm lookin' for
I'll never surrender to my life
my dear god my mind is in a fog
I curse myself for the fool
I've been
I have my thoughts,
London in sin
Let you know at time and when
my medicine will give me

I'll not allow too much time
to pass
before my next
Indeed I need to repeat my
pleasure - axed -
The gentle man with gentle
will strike again, now the time
has come
I'll come in the morning light
take you down to another day
I need no friends, mine are far
Save my soul
come down to me
come down and see

Lord of the violence
live forever in silence
all you can hear is ice cold fear
so I'll find a better world
don't walk away
at the end I know it's too late
until you feel it
but it's only May
making history - madness
dirty games to play

Find out your solution
cry, and taste the pain
out in silence out for violence
I can hear you're calling me

Of the requests
that be the case
you're my answer
give strength to me


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