Ivanhoe - By A Feeling

Woke up late, hey morning sun
can't remember, right or wrong
still hear your steps come
through the floor
self-control, one foreign word
I cry after the laughing,
I heard you close the door
and walk away

Side by side and year by year
I watched your shadow disappear
I'm isolated, - nevemore

For a moment
I felt so strong
not a hero
I never thought,
I could go wrong

By a feeling
defend your love don't walk away
by a feeling
I'm torn inside there is one way
more than eyes cam ever see
in both our minds one memory
can we ignore emotions?
no, we can't
You're my heart, my soul, my mind
another you, I'll never find
so please forgive me, I was blind

For a moment
I was wrong
no more heroes
now I see our hearts belong

Oh I hear the sirens
now I know what I'm livin' for
through the lies -
I am wandering
through the lies -
I close the door

Open all night,
two separate lives
who cries for the children
of the night
who lives near the sun
who's the only one,
breathe the freedom now
messages from the old
emotions cold
tell me why!
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