Take Control lyrics

not the way that we're bumpin' tell ya
somethin feelin good inside
its the way i was movin
no illusion when i caught ya eye
allow me to mention my intention thats in store for u!
jus turn out the light, get ready tonite, i'll show you wat to do.

you make me feel good
so good
real real good (x 2)

take control let it flow ay ay ay ay
hit me low nice and slow ay ay ay ay
makin beats till im weak ay ay ay ay
let your body swing to me ay ay ay ay

can i make a confession
wheres the question that i have to ask?
can we take it slowly
get to know me
or just make it
so open the door
come in for more
if you can take the heat
yeh that was for me
so let me be your private fantasy
you make me feel good
so good
real real good (x 2)

[Nakarat] x 2

i wont stop
i just keep on going
you didn't know it was me
who was making these hits
selecta, tru, complete and now this
listen up close
as i approach the roase
and im racing your pulse
extreme maximum
lay it on ya real sippy
keep it nice and clear
from my pen to the mic
come straight to your ear


[Nakarat] x 2


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