Sally lyrics

sally was a fifteen year old girl from nebraska,
gypies were passing through her little town
they dropped something on the road, she piked it up
and cultural revolution right away begun!
yes right away begun!
they always were afraid that i was schizophrenic
they always were afraid schoto ja rodinu prodam
a pro pravde ja bil prosto melenkij medvedik
spizdil vsjo u vseh i vsjo nahul proebal
from all the tables of contents that mother earth provides
i'd like to be a big fat fucking fly
the one that spins around your head all day and all night
and sound of it is just like a what?
but by the accident of some kind divine dispensation
i ended up being walking united nation
and i survive even fucking radiation
a big fat fucking what?
and i would visit you alot!


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