Thunderbolt - The Mark Of Cain

[Music by Necrosodom. Lyrics by Aryman.]

Where the murderer's ghost can haunt
In the twilight of a malignancy
Beneath the windswept sky
And by the old dead wishes

With nothingness in their eyes
The black flower brings delirium
The opium of the masses
The wretched forgiveness

Where dogma spreads its posion
Scourge comes to claim the tribute
Seraphs fall from grace with god
Where the burden despair dwells in grief

In the celebration of the flesh and blood
Self-destruction grows. The mockery of piety
May that fill the crystal palaces
When light will be gone
And sun shall not shine again
Thunder lightens the vortex of Styx
In Hades that roars below

In the triple six is the hellstorm awaken
In the condemned mark of Cain

Since the Tyrant is near
May the whirlwind strangle of living
Beneath the gloomy sky
By the fallen kingdoms
Freezing visions of thralldom and torture
The memories of exile
Shadow dwells in the caverns
Somewhere far beyond

Down in the world below
The sulphur breath never dies
The beast lurks for the heaven
Where evil shall rule forever
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