Thunderbolt - Unity With Thousand Names

[Music by Paimon. Lyrics by Necrosodom.]

A sphere of fools trapped in claws of defulsive reality
The splendour and pride
Forgotten by the hard centuries ago.
Journey into the void is what the mortals pray for
Blessed are those who breathe the mist of obscurity

Knowledge of ancient kingdoms
Arises the spirit of the strong.
The will to attain the throne
The fight to stand above.
Seductive poetry of the night
For blessed are those whose hearts are bestowed
With stigma of the fallen.
Under darkened veil. Summon and command
Burn in fleshcult fire. Open gates of hell

There's no mercy for the ones
Who were touched by the plague.

Behind the almighty horns
Dwells the elemental power
Created by shadows
At Unity With Thousand Names

For there's a torch reflecting visions
That have not yet come to pass.

Behold ye blind the black raven at the sky
Heralding the glorious retur
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