Vildhjarta - When No One Walks With You

I am grasping in vain to catch the flow of time

In the very moment as the horns begin to howl i recognize the deafening tones
they speak of a grief is to come telling me to prepare my escape
I must make my decision to wait for perdition or get it all together
I must make my decision because I can't leave forever
confronted with this choice there is no redirection

look at yourself look at what you've become you were untouchable
how could you deceive me? i thought you would never change
you are shattering foundations once written in stone
if no one will walk with me then I walk alone

You have been misguided by distorted views Choking your thoughts without requesting the facts
If you follow given plans then you will be the fool
when fed by a profiting hand there will always be a price
when seen in the night light it becomes so evident

but how can I judge or give you advice when
you give in to temptation and treason
unable to see the insidious reasons
it tried my best to stand your guard
discouraging this event
but now a stunning decline has commenced
it is sundering my final strength
i feel the presence of defeat
Date: 26.09.2018      View: 56