Wretched Soul - Fire Under Flesh

Envs, seething dreams enmesh an endless fever in my flesh
Searing spirit, mind and heart cauterising rational thought
Magma surging through these veins untameable
Thirsting flame, fed by quenchless fire this zealous heart, is bursting with desire.
A fire-storm of fear has frozen me my passion's pyre, is burning inwardly
For many years, I have clung to jealousy an emerald-eyed monstrosity
My emerald-eyed monstrosity

Envy, my sweet mistress speaks in whispers hot as Etna's peak
Rising with the lava-flow from lakes of fire far below
Beneath the molten-undertow my pulse grows weak.
The full inferno of this ire a cold and unconsuming fire
Swept higher into hate-scorched skies that fall before these jaded eyes
A place where lost desires are left to seethe beneath, like Fire Under Flesh.
Like Fire Under Flesh
Date: 28.02.2017      View: 60