Half Animal, Half Insane lyrics

I'd like a dry flies
I keep a grip on my eyes

I want some water, smoke, and lice
I'd like a dry ice
I keep a grip on my flies

I want water, smoke, and rice
With dead spikes like red eyes

You let the smoke rise
But let the smoke rise

I'd like a dry rice
I keep a grip on my rice

Well watch the water, smoke, and rice
I'd like dead spikes with like red flies with like black eyes

Well let the smoke rise
She's just a cameril
Maybe an antelope
And I'm the cannibal
Maybe I'm animal
We'll fan our toe
Well maybe I'm just a cannibal
This is an animal
Well It's just so huge and awful
Wait till it fall

I like red eyes with like a dead eyes
I like a swarm of flies
A leather-a leather over rice
I like a nine eyes
I like to roll my eyes
I like to freeze my eyes

Well let the smoke rise

Well she's just a cameril
I'll have onions, honey, and a roll


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