Sounds Of Wonder lyrics

Brother run as fast you can
To escape this wonderful land
And maybe you'll get to the top
Then what? Is it all that you thought?
Come on man there's so much to see
To live, to feel, to breathe.
And I'll, I'll be your guide
Through this vast country side!

Come, come step inside
This place where nothing can hide
See your dreams on mountains untouched
And fly like a fish if you must

Sing like a frog, watch the sunset through it allRunning through fields
Feel the grass brush my heels


Son I am a pigeon just wishing to fly
You, you may have heard I'm a bird who fell from the sky!

I am the sun, after the rain
Seeker of spring and all that it brings
I am the sun maker of light!
Follow my path
You know that it's right.

Eyes up to the clouds
Sing your spirit aloud


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