Frailty lyrics

I see the sun slip away
As I get dressed for our big meeting
Get in my car see my clothes
See I'm normal
Give me your hand, see my hand
As it trembles and shakes

I am not me and I see what I am

Evergreens and falling leaves
I hide behind and wait for sleep
Masks I wear to keep you here
To tell the truth I plan to kill

You are so clean and serene
But I am not who I appear
Now come here and please die my dear

Clean my hands once more
Wash and mop the floor
Make my dinner then I'm out the door

Dreaming, I see a sea of bodies
Wake up coffee, get into my AudiAt work you say hi, lunchtime then goodbye
See you tonight, I promise to stop by

So you think we're different you and mea
Because I do the things you won't do
But deep down inside- I am you!

Hot winters, cold summers
Cash flows like bloody rivers

I, I can't help myself
I, I can't stop myself
One itch to scratch myself
Monster hides in myself


I see the sun once again for a new day
Don't try to hide cause you see
You are me!

Come kill me I am your king!
Come crown as your messiah
Monsters and kingdoms unite
All part of your stupid design!


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