Confined To Illusions lyrics

Grief Flows Through Me As In The Sea
Recollection Brings Me To My Being
I Stare Toward The Bleak Horizon
Visions Of Despair Have Left Me Numb
I've Been Stripped Of My Past Life's Shell
Confined To Illusions In This Realm
Trapped In The Shadows Where I Wait
Patiently In This Dream Like State
Where Am I? What Have I? Why Am I Here?
I Will Soon Be In You, You Are - In - Me.
What Shall We Do With Our Life?
Transport Of Souls Migrated
Memories, Of Prior Lives I Can't Remember,
Or When, If Ever Happened -When Comes The End?
Through A Thousand Lives I Have Witnessed Time,
And With These Old Eyes Revelations Shown,
Now I'm Bound My Fate
Wedged Between Two Worlds,
Old And New Lives Meet.
And Existence Spawns, Distant Spheres Collide
With Each Passing Second I Draw Nearer To The Light
Twisted And Turning Within The Chasms Of Demise.
Collaboration Of My Body&Soul Reveal As One
Roaming Free Eternally The Cycle's Finally Done.

[Written by Brian Straight]


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