Silent Disturbance lyrics

The story begins,
In a legendary land,
From mountains from the sea,
In a cold winter day
When wind whispers, silently.
The birds are afraid
Of what they see
Of what will be.
No one knows,
The horror, hidden,
An eye of the beholder
Watching in the gloomy sky
No one knows,
The story of hidden evil,
Prophets are dead
Saints are forgotten.
Flashing look of the devourer
Hungry for meat
Of pure angels,The sea in blood red,
Mountains are screaming
From the skirmish resulted.
An angel crucified
Above the clouds
Splide wide open
With guts falls.
Blinded by darkness
Seeking light in vein
Helpless couldn't move
His wings are in flames.
Scavenger demon
Eat the soulless carcass.
Mournful demon laugh
The End is here:
A fireball in the water
The trast of crushed skulls,
Living creature's departure,
No one knows the fate of mankind:


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