Lord Gore - Son Of Forgotten Flesh

Pathogen contained in the sewers deep below
Imprisoned within cryo holding cell
Dna withdrawn to map its foul genome
A biomorphous orgy born of hell
Exploit the strain genes isolated
Piercing the cell wall
Excise the weak injected with evil dominant blood
Skeletal graft marrow enriched
With venomous hatred
Spores of decay virulent eggs
Spawning madness and death
Mutant..... chromosomal whore
A gestating mass twitching limbs and gore
The unspeakable mouth vomits raw disease A son of man to murder gods creation
Cultures are grown clotted with semen
Burning with bile
Indoctrinated at cellular structure
To rape and destroy
Pumped full of drugs viral infections
Fungal bacteria
Fed on the dead living and worthless
Humans abhorred
Pathogen reborn from perverse human nature
Science raped by evil seeks revenge
Little did they know they created their own end
A biomorphous orgy born of hell
Date: 24.09.2018      View: 64