Like A Broken Record lyrics

When memories are all you have, all you really have is nothing.
Hanging on to "how it used to be" and "better days".

How can you say that was it,
I'm guilty of this to and afraid to admit
Nostalgia is a broken record and I hate its song.
The days have passed, it's time to carry on.
Nostalgia is a broken record and I hate its song,
Never neglect those times, but remember the new ones.

Stone beaches and drunk love that was my life,
But that was 2005.I still remember every sight, every smell, every girl,
every fight and every night owning the streets.
But now it's over.

So pack it up and live for today,
The kings and queens of my five years dreams are all dead to me.

I know this is all true because I'm guilty of this too,
But don't hang on just to hang on.

So you drink to forget and love to regret.


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