Alone In The Universe lyrics

We're floating in space on the edge of time
In a universe that we can't define
Billions of stars in the endless night
Try to find purpose for our lives
Yet we still take the time (we still take the time)
Yes we always take the time

To masturbate oohhh
To milk the snake
Girls do the taco hand shake
I'm gonna hold my sausage hostage, tonight

Whether you're English, French, Japanese, or German
Whether you're at home or at a movie with Pee Wee Herman
We all take matters into our own hands
With the five finger army we invade our pants
We'd all be doing time (yes we'd all be doing time)
If it was a crime
To masturbate oohhh
To pull the hand brake
To play vagina DJ
She's gonna play country on the clitar, tonight

He burps his baby
She's putting on a puppet show
Our genitals are Juliet
Our hands are Romeo
He chokes his chicken
She tickles her camel toe
Our genitals are Ju...

That Marisa Tomei is hot

Our genitals are Juliet
Our hands are Romeo

I'm gonna play ball on team penis, tonight


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