The Battle lyrics

-Frost P!
-SOV, Lady Sovereign.

Yo, Medasyn starts.
First the political son, Zuz Rock.
Den, I will do. Yo.

See anybody wanna checks me on dis?
Be like most dese kids who chuck shit
Suck record company head.
Frost P, I keep it, nuh-uh.

Still bills I'm payin', still for mils I'm prayin'
In the meanwhile, I stayed me and wait,
De life ain't great,
But's better than the jobs from state,
For makin' it, mate, just a Q and A.

Still ghetto wit de mind of a needle
A cricket in the cheater,
Draw a nine millimeter up.
Makin it, 'caine.

If I get shifty, never reven' eddy
Ain't life, but I stay in de game
Den dat police cruiser say:
"Ain't you the little - ?"

Frame my brain to the game
But I let you know de whistle (tweet)

Same issue, I move like a video on jerk.
Steady, walk forward in my Timberland boots
And I still ready to shoot, you need proof?

Shall we? Any time, I'm able.
Come on mate, I never get signed!
More time, still wanna ** leave me behind.
Tell me to put my name on de dotted line.

Ya find, when ye ** contracts to de street
Come around, will you?
In the last two weeks, you're too weak.

I still represent Hays Town.
Though it's my proximity, my boy face down.
Murder mans, like a fuckin greyhound
Quit runnin' in de bank, til yer laid down.

Style to the manner, got a place in the manor
Like a .38, always come back to the man-ner.
That's grammar.

Use your bank, big like de clamps.
You versus me equals my car trunk.

Lissen up - Zuz, Frost P, eyes frosty,
Dat Meda camp, kills MCs softly
Like lure in, we got shots from foreign.
And you don't wanna fuck wiv my side, fool

Yo, this is Shystie ...

Yeh, SOV, Lady Sovereign, I'm wid Shystie.
Let's take dese boys out, yah?

I'm on it, boy-eh...Let's battle ...
Show dese guys what we're worth, big boy,
'Cos I know, see, I can spit ...
Let's show dem.


Yo, dere's suttin, I got one bad habit,
When those streets step to me, I won't have it,
'Specially people like you and you an ...
Dat's okay, now when I come through

Come up de light's in de low power,
Remember de time when you got slaughtered,
Beef? Cos' no, it's just an argument
Words they is jerkin' in de House of Parliament.

Wid out de words, wid out de verbs
Little boys left on de kerb.
People, lift dem up before dey get hurt.
But their heart rate stop (beeep)
When they have just learned

Dat I'm above de flow
Leave yer mind in high-low
Like de center of a polo, push
Can't enter his height when I'm so low,
Yah, yeh don't know, so -

None a yer words can hurt me, fool.
None a yer combats mean fuck, fool.
Nuffin' you say can hurt me, fool.
I feel bad, pity for you.

Rue the lack of sense.
That's yer ish-ing dat does dis.
Where yer car? harhar! A domestic life

Devil promotion of sickness (hwack)
An illness? Anyone listenin' is a witness.
Helpless lady - I never written dis.
Let's get on wid de quick busi-ness.
S.O.V. dot, dot... lyricists can get us dis?
- No.

Hup-two-three-four, I'm goin' to war,
To win - I leave the runner-up sore. (ow!)
I'm raw, like uncut meat,
That's why I'm in de hole,
Dat why I flak it, I'm a treat -

I'm deep. But my face looks sweet!
Sweet enough to fool yeh 'bout my greed.
Waltz it to where dem don't sleep,
Yah, now creep!

Yo, lissen up to Sovereign and me, Shystie!
The Meda camp's deep, and they never stopped we
Spittin' lyrics in your face, you can't keep up de pace
So you don't wanna fuck wiv our side, fool!

Ha! So, let's show dese boys what time it is.
I'm showin' you,
Dey don't know about how us gurrls sspit, yeh.
Let's show dem how we keep it rill.
Let's show dem what de deal is.
Let's show dem what time it is.

Shystie! Let's go!

Oi! 'ey, lissen up,
Don't get fucked up wiv a taco, fool, durin' PMS,
Cos' my mood swings get yeh in a state of distress.
And the lyrical Shakespeare doesn't ever test
Doesn't spit about a rattle man's chest

Accordings to dese angles, if dere was a circle
Yeh! - play, boy, but I know my swivin' hurt you.
I take you for a joke, so you get laffed at (haha)
Yer a basic MC, boy. I'm done - past it.

Cos' my microphone sample is in de silence,
Leaving, yeh suddenly need stabilizing.
Yeh w


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