Blood Storm lyrics

Blood Storm - Zain Inversion Terror
Terror inversion - subjugation!
Crush evolution - dehumanization!
Twins are imploding - maat genocide!
Universe is collapsing - light and dark are dying!

Perpetual punishment illusion is now law
No will or existence can pass on in divine
All is lost in the unpure
Anger of the blackened hallowed one

Trapped once before
The demon of the fallen door
Unjust and untrue dimensional
Shadow of kuThe aeons crossed lie tragic
Condemned in the weredaathian magick
Infect the worlds with suffering
Unbalance to the guardians will bring

This is the result of ignorance
Only to see now no atavistic resurgence
Law of one's own will has been stolen
This is the result of defying the place of crossing

The gift of a bastard transmutation
Life is now a negative hallowed one for all
Eternal slaves altered the power of suggestion
All will live as agony mannikins
Parched with poisons


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