Magnificent lyrics

(feat. John Legend)
J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League [echoes]
[Rick Ross:]
It's Da Boss.
It gets no better than this...

Maybach Music!

[Chorus - John Legend:]
Swimmin' in women, champagne sippin',
Gold Emblem with 2 M's in it, this living is so magnificent, stop dreaming it, I
'm living it
(Oh I), I can show you, show you better that I can tell you, I can show you, Oh

[Verse 1 - Rick Ross:]
I'm tha magnificient with tha sensational style, far from bein' shallow cause sh
e caught me wit a smile,
try to figure out my style, baby that will take a minute but if all we got is ti
you can't be actin' timid, so we back to playin tennis, we been goin' back and
she the one that I adore, so I tried it in aurar,
conscience intervened concentrating on my cream, I'm tha king, make a move, pawn
s all tha way to queens,
I'm a don, I'm a boss, I'm a profit, I'm a g, I'm a CEO which means that I profi
t off of me (Yea!).
All white T's still rockin' my Nike Airs, fresh outta flight school, cause I'm f
ly right? (Yea!)
Ain't nothin free, I'm chargin'to breathe air, if it's not a Maybach, really who
da hell cares?
My money long, my nigga my money strong, if you ain't gettin' money dat mean you
done somethin' wrong (Boss!)


[Verse 2 - Rick Ross:]I'm tha magnificient with tha sensational style,
down to all of my automobiles wit no miles, yellow corvettes, black rally stripe
s, and I never phone ahead,
all she do is hear the pipes, project bitches, upscale kittens, fuck her for a m
inute then now we countin' digits,
Maybach money so I always had a vision, I would always tell ma niggas but... ain
't nobody listened.
Words work magic, haters wreak havoc, there ain't nothin'on my back but the deli
cates of fabrics.
I made a transition from the thieves, to the biggest executive Def Jam's ever se
Only yours dream, Sean John suit and a S. Dot ring, Sean Don for my crew, bad ho
es in pursuit,
Masspike on a two, Gunplay he a glue goon wit a attitude (Holla!)


[Verse 3 - Rick Ross:]
I'm tha magnificient with tha sensational style, when I decorate a home, marble
flooring like Da Nile,
nigga you a clown, here's the number you should dial, ye start wit 305 but we en
d at 4 pounds.
Stop at ... old pound, for life is a ??, all them Carol City killers, feel likin
g you broke down,
money is a must tommy guns on a bus, Allan Zamren on the case, so you know what
you can suck,
wear red all the time but really I'm colour blind, wanna catch my attention nigg
a, throw up a dollar sign.
One time for tha Crips, young g's buyin cribs and I smoke wit Vice Lords when I
visit Mississip.
The game never change, money still a focal, but its time to rape tha game like P
uffy did Total,
like Rev Run in the tub still smokin', in memory of Shakir, Boss gotta shout Oak



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