I'm Bad lyrics

Im Bad (im bad) Im Back (im back), Im Mad (im mad) Im strapped (im strapped)
Nigga What You Want Nigga who you wit
Came wit my dogs leavin wit a bitch
Im bad (im bad) im back (im back), im mad (im mad) im strapped (im strapped)
Nigga what you want nigga who you wit
Came Wit my dogs leavin wit a bitch

[Verse 1:]
Aint no limit to the shit I start
Automatic start on that big white car. Pearl pink jar nigga you cant rob. 4 chai
ns and a watch pocket full of knots. Spots, Imma get my stacks. This crack comin
back like that income tax. Told you once he told you twice. You need more than
a knife You wanna rock that ice. Im bad, magazines up the ass. stolen yellow cab
come squeeze on yo ass. He a flash, all black mask. Rappin ass nigga talkin all
that jazz. Ride up on him show him how we get down. 100 rounds in his crown but
t naked and he pound. Tell the truth that nigga be rippin, aint it man. just got
a Chevy and I got my shit painted man.


[Verse 2:] Used to be on the corner, on marijuana. Now its marijuana from california. Big b
uds, bitches wit big butts. Big BMW's home of the dick sucks. My Bob Marley is b
umpin like bitch what. My money bumper to bumper now bitch what. Im bad im back.
im mad im strapped.
Nigga what you want nigga who you wit. Came wit my dog leavin wit a bitch. i don
t see no nigga when im on the grind, all i see is hoe niggas when im on the grin
d. 45 no nigga, kno im holdin mine. Imma knock his ass down if its own his mind.
Tell the truth that nigga be rippin aint it man, just got a Benz and I got my s
hit painted man.


B for the bullets in niggas who gotta die. A for the addicts and junkies who get
tin high. D for the dope distributed at the dock. Still on the block clock no so
B for the bass bitch I gotta boom. A for the ass in my hotel room. D for the dic
k, dick that I slang. Since money talk, im addicted to my slang. B for the bang.
A for the K. D ditch the car for the smooth get away. Im bad, i poke yo ass in
the nose wit a cold 44 now he cold on the floor. layin on his back like he posed
for a hoe, when you actin like a bitch gotta go gotta go. Tell the truth that n
igga be rippin aint it man. Just got a hummer and i got my shit painted man.


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