Chalice Of Nepenthe lyrics

In memoriam
O thine poetic beauty
Like a waning moon, twilight loses it's misery
Brooding darkness in the land of tears
Prepare for the festival of melancholia

La terre est devenu lumineuse
Avec la torche de prometheus
Les nymphes nocturnes qui dancent
Se sont retirees de leur trone maudits
De la matrice de nepenthe
Les ames tristes ont bu de la tranquillite
L'attraction de la lune a emprisonne
Les yeux curieux dans la griffe de la magie

Melodious cries of dark idolatries
The moan of doves in sorrowful elms
Screams swim through cascade of feelings
The hidden soul's harmony shapes silenceWilted willow leaf adorns thine coffin
A part of autumn's allurement
Pangs of deathless remorse were written in the library of tearful author
Eyelids of the morn was closed till eternity
Breathless night, the mother of morn was putting on by artemis

Desires, owner of black garland
Pan o'er her aching lips
Remembrance of kiss after death
Moloch, thou devil of pain and sadness
Put an end t the throe of prophecy!

Now, charon's ferrying thine soul o'er styx...

Rainy clouds like a darkness cover
Let thunder's aim to come true
Flaming ramparts of my outworn countenance
Craven tears are fleeing among the remnants
All weeping for my demon-lover...


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