Poet's Blasphemy lyrics

Loosen insticts, degenerated desires
The description of thine social community
We elected to live in the mountains
As a part of pure nature
Far away from age's politics, opportunist nations
A harmless, non-conditional liberty
Submission is the happiness of frail souls
A religious virtue for prayer owners

Creator spiritus is a nihility
The most significant sin
To be born from compassion (Divine religions)
Aristoteles considered that compassion is a disease
Which believes in nihilistic opinions
Philosophy became dirty with pious blood
We have to use a lancet for this wound
Contrary t all conceptsWe are war's declaration, triumph by itself
For this reason, we are philosophers, hyperboreans...

La renaissance de la renaissance
La fin inevitable des epoques obscures
L'inquisition des sermonneurs incapables
Ils baptisent des ames infideles
L'invasion des idees interdites
Les cloches silencieuses, le cri de la guerre de themgoroth
Le chevaliers de niflheim, les guerriers des lieux tenebres
Ils ont ete sacre par le baton mystique...

Eternal boreas declared war on sciroccos
Repudiated all southern winds and modern theists
Against the helpless people who live under the protection of holylight
We opted a land where just darkness visible


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