Arid Plains Of Inferno lyrics

Chaos brought about a rebellion
Fallen angels abandoned their kingdoms
Refused his reign and armed for a dubious battle
But their doom had written
Arch fiend and northern armies lost the war
Were condamned to live in desolation and pain

A spelling book had found
Black arts broke chains of everlasting slavery
Themgoroth's wizards put on their robes
Bewitched words grumbled
Cursed rites commenced
A constellation brought storms
Thunderbolts from dark clouds
Guided t poltroon witness through the dungeon where peace was in the throes of deathEurynome's best attire spread in this sylvan fort
Dead countenances worshipped t zarach, guardian of their oaths
Thus dark discoveries completed by the ruler of the realm of eternal night

His skin was black as night
A wolf's dentition and long, sharp claws
Red glowing eyes of dethroned prince...

Treachery caused a revenge
Angels of darkness appeared in the mist
Legions came from the abyss of tartarus
Galleons departed from phlegethon's wharf
Catapults demolished monastery's ramparts
And sanctuaries beyond the steps of southern lands


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