Upon My Departure lyrics

When the final bell is rung

And the game`s declared over

We speak the words goodbye

And I know it`s forever

An empty pit inside my chest

Was more than a small clue

No you`ll never see me again

Something I gotta get used to

But you left much behind

Some peace and vital signs

Food for a busy mind

And souvenirs to hold tight

Just a passenger on your jetliner

Crashing to the ground
But the impact doesn`t make a sound

Well a lesson to be learned

From your departure

Funny thing but when you went away

I lost part of my cure

And now I`m searching hard

Underneath every card

Hoping with best regards

You`ll bail me out of this dream state

Oh but what I feel

Unfortunately is real

Feeling the sting of pain

Not a damn thing can erase the stain


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