Going Going Gone lyrics

A straight razor and a flick of the wrist
Brass knuckles and a willing fist
A big knife and a little-scream
They do wonders for my self-esteem
Warm blood and a cold embrace
The catch is better than the chase
They all ask why i'm doing this
Violense is bliss


What you see
All i know to be
Is a madman out of a killing spree
One thing i say
I did it all my way
Gave rise to the dawn of the dying age
When i feel the urge
And it's starting to surge
Soon i'm blowing like an atom bonb
When you comprehend
Your life's coming to an end
I'm going, going, going, going, gone

Two things that i can't ignore
Dark nights and an unlocked door
I get the feeling and i follow through
I get high like i'm sniffing glue
It's time to let the games commence
This really helps my self-confidence
Blood only for this hedonist
Violence is bliss


[solo: lee]
[solo: gary]

I never leave any tell tale traces
Only fear fronzen on dead faces
An orgasm of depravity
It's the best kind of therapy
I always flee the scene of the crime
No victims, left to drop the dime
So many lives yet to be dismissed
Violence is bliss

8. now thy death day come
[music and lyrics: gary holt]

Bloodied, cleaved and mutilated
Dead bodies amputated
Mans bloody inclination
God's final abdicaton
Angels weep on bended knee
So begins the tyranny
The fallen one will rise again
So ends the time of man


My will be done
Now they death day come

Never more the sound of laughter
Misery for ever after
The cries of suffering
Are what the death day bring
No one gives the benediction
All hear the maldication
Lucifer makes his accent
No words for mans laent


On black wings i take to the sky
Scouring the land
Rejoicing in and laughing in
The folly of man
Centuries of hatred
Centuries of fear
Have led you to the end of days
And the one you so revere

[solo: gary]
[solo: lee]

The gates of heaven have been shattered
Wings of angels torn and tattered
All due to mankind's thirst
For war so well rehearsed
When you see my demon eyes
Too late to aplolgize
Can you feel the irony?
War for all eternity


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