Bathory - Sadist (Tormentor)

I love to see you writhe in throe
The more you suffer my lust grows
I slit your throat and tear your flesh
My desire will be your death

Sadist (Tormentor)

I welter in blood i rape and i slay
Stab sliver lacerate
So many lusts to satisfy
To still my hunger another must die
Sadist (Tormentor)

"but now the sand of time is running out"
I feel old (So cold)
Can hear the bell toll
So week (Must sleep)
Can hear my victims shout
Can't stand their cries their call

I gotta pay for my lusts...
They're dragging me down...
Date: 03.08.2018      View: 156

Bathory's biography


Bathory is an Swedish singer.