Request Line lyrics

Baby baby beh ' beh ' beh ' beh baby
Baby baby
Alright on now'.

I know it's better when the rhythm works together in the beat of your soul
Did I ever tell you how you make me feel every night you're under control

So come on daddy won't you take it away
I know I call your line everyday
I'm dialing 555-0429
So that I can hear you say

Hey baby boo
Just tell me what I can play for you
Hey, you're right on time
You just got thru the request line
Every other single day
(I call you, I call you)
Every other single night
(Alright now, alright)

Mr. DJ I know that you will remember this voice calling you
It's been awhile so how you been'. Oh

So turn it up as I shake it on down
And catch the final as its spinning around
Give me 555-0429
That's the number we're dialing tonight


Baby baby beh ' beh ' beh ' beh baby (4x)

(Chorus ' 2x)


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