Learn To Crawl lyrics

You can laugh, you can feel fine
You can dance with a little twist
Tell your pretty red haired babe to forget that I exist
Can you see yourself in my bed at night?
Would you leave me at the side of the road?
Would you walk right up to me?
Would you talk to me?

I'm already asking
Down on my knees
I'm already begging
Begging you please
Can you teach me how to fly? (c'mon)
See I'm scared to die (c'mon)
We've only just begun to learn to crawl
Can you teach me how to fight? (c'mon)
Will you keep me up all night? (c'mon)
Will you be there on the ground if I should fall?
Fall for you?

I could feel you like the spider sting
Like a memory in my mouth


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