V-mob - Reflection

I can't believe it was a lie when you said it to me
Played it to me from the heart when you read it to me
Fed it to me with a silver spoon; I believed
You led me to it as it turns out you've been deceived
Your fucking lifestyle's got myself a nervous wreck
Having dreams with my hands around your fucking neck - Thrust
Grip it tight - Make it bust
I'm losing my head like you lost my fucking trust

Open up, I see inside your eyes what's to come ahead
By the way you feel, I can see that you are staring dead
All emotion lost from the shit that you have put me through
I will get you back and you will never have a fucking clue
Wilderness of mirrors and myself I can't stop running riot
Every time I think about the shit you did I want to kill
Everything alive that's in your life I wanna keep it quiet
Just to let you know you let me fall that's how I fucking feel
Date: 09.10.2018      View: 156