Run 'em Off lyrics

(Oney Wheeler - Tracey Lee)

Now when the big bad wolf got in grandma's house
A little Red Ridinghood was scared as the mouse
And just like her I'm scared through and through
Some two legged wolf would run away with you
So run 'em off no use to talk all day
Just run 'em off they're tryin' to get you to play
Run 'em off and make 'em let us be
If you don't run 'em off I swear you're cheatin' on me
Now there's an iceman and milkman and folks out of town
They don't come to visit they just hang around
They act just as friendly as can be
But I don't think they care a thing about me
So run 'em off don't talk too long
Run 'em off so we can be alone


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