Roc-a-fella Get Low Respect It lyrics

(Pain in da Ass)

You know...we'd always call each other Roc-a-Fellas like you say to somebody "Your gonna like this guy, he's one of us, he's Roc-a-Fella".....ya understand? we're the Roc-a-Fellas.....gangsta....but not just any rapper could be made I mean to become a member of Roc-a-Fella, you gotta be 100% from the street that can trace your name all the way back to your old hood.

See it's the highest honor they can give you. Means you belong to a dynasty. Means nobody can fuck around with you. Also means you could fuck around with anyone just as long as they weren't a member of Roc-a-Fella.
It's like a license to steal. It's like a license to do anything. And with Jay stepping down.... it was Bleek's turn to be made.


(Memphis Bleek)


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