Just Blaze, Bleek & Free lyrics

(Just Blaze)
Hey yo guru, this Just Blaze, Bleek & Free right?
So i could get a hook, or verse or sumthin?
Get that outta here!
Stick to makin beats...I stick to yo' moms, nigga!

(Memphis Bleek)
Roll up a L, pour glass in that Arme
Young E's had game since the days of Atari
Since the youth, I used to shoot her right back to the path
My day, goin hard, mack the back of the Cab
Did it all, little robbery, back cart of the G-train
Hood became a part of me, got a hell of a street game
Niggas dont want no part of me, Bitches they wana roll up roll out
Sit in the Ferrari, Breeze through Marcy YUP!
They know im gangsta in every way YUP!
I keep it gangsta, tech on me everyday BUT!


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