Everybody lyrics

[Memphis Bleek]
Yea(uh huh)
What they want god?
Niggaz know the deal here
It's real...yea
[Verse 1]
I was told 揼et money? stack what I can
Born In the Vile, a nigga never ran

Seen niggaz get cut, shot, stabbed up and kidnapped
Ran over, double crossed, killed for a stack of green one'sNow I live life, do or die, Marcy, son, evrybody trying to survive
Maintain yo strip, cokaine this shit
We ain't leavin till we drain this shit
Playin this shit, street life, but most of y'all hate Bleek right?
I'm supposed to keep heat right?
So you can haul the heat right, who really give a fuck though
I grew up amongst cut-throats, nigga, we all want dough
It's a all out thing, drugz produce cream, gunz produce human beingz
Nigga what you think? I got one, stop one, Naw
Drop one, can't stop one, I'm here till the copz come


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