First, Last And Only lyrics

[Hype-D on Chrous]
Tha first last and only that who we be
1 mo time you aint gotta open ya eyes
cuz we tha first last and only nigga ,
tha first last and only nigga , nigga , nigga

hype-d - verse 1
Hey yo we tell them bitches
who tha first last and only we aint
no mutha fuckin phoneys nigga we real and real is real
as it gets aint got time to play nigga this isnt a game
ive done stole ya fame and put it up in a frame i aint framin
no niggaz cuz when i bust a gat i bet ya millon dollas u dont
survive cuz u aint a real gangsta ya boy get out of tha group
with all tha wankstas and so we tha best here so we here forever
so understand me mutha fucka its real.


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