1, 2, Y'all lyrics

[Hype Verse 1]
Yo look im the best rapper not discovered
The other people raps is weak
How dey get discovered ya cant fuck wit me
Everybody know me im hype to tha d
Hangin with the R.O.C. we in the place to be
Chillin in the back of the club popin bub
When my spinnaz keep spinnin all the

Ladies show me love im here to takeover
I was oringanly suppose to replace hova
Not slim thug , east coST rappers weak
They cant hang with me b hype d tha name
Fuck all yall lames i was sent to take ya fame
And change the game yo i can spit a verse
But if these wack ass rappers stay in the game
This shit is gonna get worse 1 day im a make it big
I'm the best and this goes down to all my niggz ohhh!


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