Come On Out Tonight lyrics

well you got some tips and you learned some licks
you wanna try and teach this old dog some new tricks, huh?
well you told your friends you'd have a little bit of fun
you wanna walk on up now one, huh?
you asked me if I'd like to dine - do you have enough courage
have you had enough wine, sunshine?

keep your head up
don't you sweat in the spotlight
you're coming out tonight
yeah, you're coming out tonight

take a good hard look at this big star view
don't be bitin' off more than you're ever gonna chew, yeah
you can break the rules when you play in the dark
but every wild fire comes from a little bitty spark, yeah
does your mama know who you're hangin' around
a souped up punk in a rock and roll gown, uh, small town


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