Variety lyrics

Well my name is mc and I'm here to say
I rock the mic with asbestos all up in yer face
Old school like the one used by Ichabod crane
Watch me think up a phrase then put my spit on display

I aint even begun to begin
I get up on the microphone and make fun of yer friends
I'm like black thought cuz I got your twenties and tens
like your bittie won't go down on me in the back of yer benz

snap off her bra while she kicks off her keds
put her butt on the bazooka tubes, and suck on her neck
and when I'm done yo yer momma is next,
stackin ho's like government checks
gotta go like I'm sever and ecks

Whack mc's like butterfly effect
Yo they came and they went all they money is spent like the rent


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