Mc Chris - Stop Time

Please allow me to reintroduce myself
My name is Chris
And I do not exist

It's just some shit that a kid did just for kicks
An effort of the last ditch
To stop the steel from slitting the wrist
Thick in the midst of life being a bitchof just being Chris

That's when the little fucker just started flipping the script
Cleaning his kicks, clearing his throat, betting the chips
That there's a bunch of kids like him with no rims
No checks, no chicks, no switches to flip

Like Edward Scissorhands with mad salivia glands
Mc Chris spits like a kid when he is really is a man
And he really is a fan of the Skywalker clan
And any other band claiming that they're weaker than
Date: 05.10.2018      View: 82