Dq Blizzard lyrics

Name's MC, my band's the Lee Majors.
Put us on the bill, and boy ya hit paydirt.
When I'm on the mic, girlies wanna flizzirt,
but I tell' em chill like a DQ Blizzard.
Help me like a DQ Blizzard, D-DQ Blizzard.
Help me like a DQ Blizzard, D-DQ Blizzard.

Like corn beef and cabbage, half fred savage.
The better than average rapper with the, "have to have it," habit.
Their apperants on my carrot like they was Jessica Rabbit,
like fake wood paneling on the side of stationwagons.Fraggle Rock on the box, Fruit Loops on my chin,
wonderin' if I'm ever really gonna fit in,
or be a son of a bitch with a gut and some tits,
or a roaming casanova with my dick in a clit.
I'll be back in a bit, I gotta floss my johnson,
make that cream for the state Wisconsin.
You say all of my shit is complete nonsense,
fuck my cd and the shitty ass contents.
Bullshit, my shit's the bomb.
Siamese twins want menage a trois.
Robot bitches want their backs massaged.
They may not be real but them tits is large.


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