Mc Chris - Blastic

thanks to my rhyme inventin, i've ascended the heavens
did i fail to mention got more ice than march of penguins
i'm rich, i make the poor people cry
and i bet it all black becuz it can't be denied
i'm in debt but we'll worry about that later
let me show you crib, the pool, the elevator
ben grim is my trainer, ben sherman is my tailor
diamond encrusted inhaler just in case i get the vapors
like mead i'm makin paper but i aint spiral bound
as in downward, aint a coward when i'm schoolin these clowns
leave'm foolish and droolin like they come down with the downs
swan diving like i'm scrooge into a pool full of pounds

black plastic know you gotta have it
blaze in the back, my motorcade stops traffic
black plastic debts gettin drastic
don't care, don't dare me to blast kid
Date: 18.08.2018      View: 96