Maxim - Killing Culture

Vice camp sends the true sinner
Intellect when I battle
Silence snakes when I rattle
Ideas breed like algae
Obese to pure obscenity
Distort your only vision
A tyrant to the system
Fear the words spoken by my tongue
Nubile force yet to come Killing your culture killing your culture
Killing your culture killing your culture
Creating culture creating culture Kiss immortal contracts
Suicidal impactOur father, give us this day our daily bread
And deliver us from evil
And forgive those who trespass against usImpregnate points on psyche
Relocate your anxiety
Drop bombs, stain your eardrum
Release fear from the asylum
Bribing skill to hear my seminar
Forcing will to be the minister
Administer, inject the vaccine
The Maxim in your bloodstreamDefy laws of physics
Date: 21.09.2018      View: 126