My Dogs lyrics

My dogs on the block, my dogs in the game
Them dogs locked up doin time in the jail
My dogs on the streets, my dogs in the hood
My dogs in the project up to no good
My dogs - I ride for my dogs
I'll die for my dogs, this one for my dogs

[Master P]
Call me scooby cause I'm respected in the hood
From the North, to the East, to the West, to the woods
You gon' need more than a {?} shot, if I fight
You don't say it how it go then you might lose yo' life
I got dogs, that I mash up and pull capes with
I got dogs that I hustle and get paper with
I got dogs that I know wanna bite me
But I live for the dog that wanna be just like me
Niggaz wanna turn, my dogs against me


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