Mary J. Blige - Touch It Remix

feat. Mary J Blige, Missy Elliott, Lloyd Banks & others)

[Intro & Chorus]
"Touch it - bring it - babe - watch it -
turn it - leave it - stop - format it"
[repeat 6x]

[Intro: Busta Rhymes (Lloyd Banks)]
Aiy yo Swizz (It ain't over) we done created another epidemic for the streets nigga
Just when y'all thought it was safe to poke your head out again, let's go!!!
I know you thought we was finished, Flipmode bitch!!!
(G-Unit!!!) Yeah! Streetsweepers!!!
REMIX We Bout' Ta Do It Again!!! REMIX We Bout' Ta Do It Again!!! REMIX
Aiy yo just imagine if they cut the lights off in the club

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks (Busta Rhymes)]
(Get low Banks!) Who you know that got a flow this sick
Pump shorty nobody can hold his clicka
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